As a former HR manager, career coach and consultant, I’ve read a lot of hiring and selection books. When I received a copy of You’re Hired for review, I rolled my eyes and thought, Please, not another book on how to get a job. I’ve already read the best, like the timeless, What Color is Your Parachute? Fortunately, You’re Hired was a nice change of pace. It’s concise and focused on key aspects of interviewing for a job, without the fluff. In five chapters with 10 brief Appendices, Epstein discusses three phases of job interviews: Before, During, and After the Interview. — In Chapter One, Epstein highlights the importance of Creating Right Livelihood in order to craft a satisfying and financially productive career. He shows the reader how to envision and plan this Right Livelihood through a lengthy but useful activity in Appendix A. –In Chapter Two, the author comments on preparation of an effective resume and thoughtful research in order to land an interview. — In Chapter Three, Mr. Epstein talks about the importance of selling yourself during the interview by being prepared, authentic, confident, and connected with the interviewers. — Chapter Four highlights the importance of written thank you notes, timely follow-up and declining counter-offers made by one’s current employer. — Chapter Five features a one-page conclusion summarizing the contents of the book. The writing style is down-to-earth and personalized as if Epstein is coaching and encouraging the reader through the process of interviewing. The tone is not pretentious as I’ve observed in other books of a similar nature. The chapters are well-organized and build upon each other.